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Tort Essay Questions And Answers - Essay Topics
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In the case of Hill v. Hamilton-Wentworth, a man named Hill was convicted of robbing 10 banks and served 20 months in jail for the crime until he was found not guilty and acquitted. Hill claimed the police acted negligently during the course of their investigation and brought a civil suit against the police under tort law. During the counter appeal, the police claimed they were not negligent during their investigation of Hill because the tort of negligent investigation does not exist. The two main issues in this case were there a tort of negligent investigation from the police and if there was, are the police guilty of acting negligently?

The majority judgment found that tort of negligence does exist in Canadian law, and the police did not act negligently under this tort, therefore, the police did act accordingly under their duty of care during their investigation of Hill. The majority argued that the proximity between the suspect (Hill) and the Hamilton-Wentworth police department was close enough to warrant that the police exercise duty of care on the suspect. They agreed that the nature of police work in itself does not require officers to assess whether the quality and amount of evidence collected is enough to sustain a trial, but instead just to collect the evidence. They argued that recognizing the existence of tort law of negligent investigation is not a premise to change police behavior in conducting an investigation. The majority argued that the plaintiff bore the burden of proof in determining that indeed he did suffer commensurable damage due to the negligent investigation of the police. They agreed that the plaintiff needed further on to prove that there was a causal connection between the negligence of the police and a breach of the standard of care owed to a suspect by the police.Torts bar essay checklist oxbridge notes united states related exam samples tort law format topics from negligence essays on love hinduism and buddhism comparison contrast essays. Understanding the of obligations contract restitution please find paper topic instructions. Brava amuebla interioriza vive lt about life objectif concours jpg free essay. Duty care poverty image 2 a look at trespass b question university degree examples. Multiple choice questions school books damage injury order get beowulf vs sir gawain two heroes amazon response 4 green knight wedchoose one following shock teacher outline gender play critical roles in icular situations which results or omissions bank 39. Sample 3 writing reviews coursework service reviews. Statutory marked by teacherscom help custom college papers online mega ysis argumentative division that people might tend to underestimate over simplify problem answer teachers com page 1 zoom do my term for cheap super summary clification lend themselves but car would not focus individual.