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Essay about individual memory of two real Portuguese characters, residents in Mozambique at the colonial time. Their memory starts getting lost in time, in real time and also in the brain of these characters, becoming increasingly confused and unclear.
It joins a perspective of an observing eye, and the individual perspective get lost and transforms itself into the collective memory.
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Your third paragraph, for instance, records your memories. The fourth paragraph does the same and so, largely, does the fifth. These central paragraphs, then, record memories, but they are not about memory itself. They are really just about the fact that you miss India. There's nothing wrong with that in principle, and in fact you articulate your recollections of India very well. And of course there's no reason why you shouldn't write a memoir rather than an essay about memory. But you do set this up as an essay about memory, when it is in fact an essay about you. Essay about childhood memories | Solve the puzzlesEssay about memories of family life membersEssay About Memory In Psychology