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Colleges want DIVERSITY. Diversity is a factor that can tip the scales for admission. Often college admission essay prompts ask students to write to the topic of diversity, and interviewers try to pick up on what diversity a student might bring to their college campus.
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It is difficult enough to write your own essay. In order to express your thoughts properly, you need logical thinking and a sufficient level of knowledge on the topic as well as the ability to analyze and conclude on the basis of the information provided. Heavy workload, lack of time, lack of certain knowledge leads to the fact that you don’t have time to hand over the task on time or you are just not able to express your thoughts correctly and create proper text. Don’t worry and don’t get nervous about it. There is always someone who can help you with college essay prompts. College Admissions Essay Prompts 2010..College Essay Prompts | Sample College Essay Prompts| Sample College Essay Prompts">College Essay Admission Prompts
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