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A Review On Communication And Collaboration Education Essay
Structure your collaborative essay based on the sections we composed during class on November 7, 2011. Contextualize the study in terms of Dorothy Winsor’s ideas on writing and our readings on Web 2.0. Be sure to discuss the study methodology and the data in detail in the appropriate sections. Use one or more of the theories we discussed in class (ecologies of composition, information ecologies, genre ecologies, and semiotics) to inform how the data is to be understood. Do not cite any text that we have not read in this class; everything you need for this essay you have read.
A video highlighting the main points behind the collaborative essay made by myself and Ben Cohen of Columbia University.
For this collaborative essay assignment, I would like you to use our readings (Web 2.0 Packet, ecology articles, books, and associated readings), the class’s Web 2.0 research, and your observational research to address the question, What does it mean to be a writer today? Communication and Collaboration EssayCollaboration Research Essay SampleCollaboration Essay - by Vgonzalez326 - Anti Essays
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Each student will also compose a 1 – 2 page single space reflection in which they reflect on what it was like to compose such a collaborative essay in GoogleDocs, what specific parts of the essay they worked on, and what they learned about writing overall through the process of completing the study and essay assignment.