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CFP coursework, College of Financial Planning, Denver, CO; My Areas of Focus.
Peter graduated Dean’s List and Beta Gamma Sigma from the MBA program at Columbia University, has a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and holds a Certificate of Financial Planning from New York University. He has completed the CFP coursework and comprehensive exam. Peter lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his wife, two sons and a dog.
CFP Coursework CFP Coursework
By contrast, enrolling in a self-study-driven on-demand program gives the potential to accelerate the timeline further, for those who want/need to do so (and are able to be focused self-study learners to get through the material in an unstructured environment). Some CFP candidates who have the time, and are highly motivated and able to focus, can get through the CFP coursework in under six months, in a manner that’s just not possible for most live (online or in-classroom) settings because the courses just aren’t offered fast enough or frequently enough. program have met the educational coursework requirements of the CFP Board’s CFP ..Certified Financial Planner - WikipediaFour Steps: How to Become a Certified Financial Planner
There are dozens of accredited CFP coursework providers in the U.S., including the College of Financial Planning in Denver, the American College of Financial Planning in Pennsylvania, and self-study providers such as Dalton, Kier, and Ken Zahn. Many universities, both public and private, offer these courses, and a growing number also offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in financial planning.